About Storystack

Storystack is a product of the more than 500,000 publisher relationships that Matomy Media Group, a global performance marketing company, has established. We offer technology to publishers to enrich user experience and create advertiser demand to monetize the content recommendations through a native ad unit. With hands-on experience in nearly every major vertical, our team will guide you – whether a publisher or advertiser – through every step of the process.

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Our Story

Storystack was developed from the idea that publishers and content marketers alike still had more value to gain from their content. We understand that everything from brand messaging to blog content needs a game plan for satisfying user experiences. These experiences will need to put users first and simultaneously initiate scalable efforts to monetize and engage readers.

With the building blocks of marketing expertise, creative thinking, and technological ingenuity, we decided to take it one step further towards understanding the end user. We went to the drawing board to develop technology for a native ad platform that would pick up audience habits. We believe that putting the audience first and knowing where your influence truly counts is the most important part of revving up your content strategy.


As content discovery has evolved into a fast-growing market, many publishers are using antiquated technology that may recommend irrelevant content to their audience. Advertisers are inefficiently spending their content marketing budget by recommending content that may or may not be appropriate for their targeted audience. Our technology uses semantic matching and user modeling to understand and pinpoint the interests of an individual user, in turn, generating more revenue for the advertisers' content. Publishers also benefit from the ability to create richer experiences for their audience.

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