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Industry Leading Technology

Each individual's content consumption is captured and the Storystack technology offers only the most relevant content in real-time. That means you can reach an audience interested in your content faster and more effectively giving you the absolute best return on your marketing investment. And, it gets better over time.

Real-time Matching Algorithm

Storystack technology will only select the appropriate content for each interaction of each individual user.

Programmatic Optimization

Eliminate wasted clicks and non-relevant traffic. Storystack technology optimizes and sequentially organizes recommendations for the highest ROI.

Personalization at Scale

The Storystack engine understands context of interactions giving you the ability to reach a qualified audience faster and more effectively.

Desktop and Mobile Segmentation

The way people consume content has changed dramatically. Your audience interacts with your content on various devices at virtually any time of the day.

Detailed Reporting

Monitor your investment and have control and visibility of your campaigns.

Monitor KPIs

View all of the most important metrics in one dashboard or export campaign data to slice and dice.

Optimize Campaigns

See what campaigns are performing and have full control over them with power-user functionality.

Frequently asked questions

  • —   Blog posts
  • —   Editorial content
  • —   Postive sentiment PR content
  • —   and much more...
  • —   Content marketers
  • —   Publishers (from bloggers to major media companies)
  • —   Social media & PR agencies
  • —   Enterprise Brand Managers
  • —   Small Businesses

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